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Friday, May 31, 2013

Thila Homam at Danvantri Arogya Peedam

Thila Homam

Tribute to aspiring souls
This Homa is done for ancestral and those who died unnaturally. Here the mantra is not chanted as in the case of usual ancestor’s death ceremony. It has to be done only once in life time unlike other death ceremony because we are not supposed to disturb these souls who died an unnatural death.

Which soul needs our help
When death takes place either in maternal or in paternal family sides, a ceremony is done. When a baby dies it is buried. In some cases when any child or unmarried girl or boy dies unexpectedly or have unnatural death such as accidents, by drowning or by fire or by poisonous bite of deadly creatures, premature death, suicide of any sort or dies by a hit of a stone, killed by strangling the neck, killed by weapons, been attacked, died at time of delivery, died at time of menstruation, left home due to madness (in this case we donot know if they are alive or dead) are the dead soul, who awaits desperately to get free from the clutches of evil power or from hell.

Importance of this Homa
Thila Homa is done to such forefathers and others who died unnaturally. While they suffer in hell. They create unhappiness, a lot of obstacles and troubles in our lives and remind us to relieve them from their unbearable sufferings. Thus this Thila Homa comes as a saviour to the dead souls.

Hindrances caused by dead souls
Such ancestors and others who died unnaturally in our family give troubles like delaying in settling down in a job, late marriage, delayed child birth, disobedient children or children giving troubles or suffer ailments, disharmony with family members and between couples, more unwanted expenditure then income, have legal proceedings & often occurance of accidents.

A right place to perform this Homa
This Homa must be done at Sethusheera i.e. Rameshwaram, as nothing can be more auspicious and powerful then this place. The priest performs death ceremony at home for others but they perform Thila Homa here to their ancestors and those died unnaturally. Some does it in Kerala but for the above said incidents the priest comes to Rameshwaram to perform a Thila Homa.

On the banks of Thambaraparani river at Azhwarthirunagari this Homa is done but the ashes is mixed in this holy sea water as the Vedas say that the soul of the dead can rest in peace or get salvation only here.

The Shastra further says that even if one of the family member carries this sin it will affect the rest of the members in spite of having a good future. So it is a must all the family members participate in performing this Homa because it is done only once in life time unlike the annual death ceremony of forefathers or monthly new moon ritual or any other auspicious Homa or Pooja which is done as one desires.

Thila Homa comes as a remedy to all
Such soul are said to be haunting and roaming in space and they give their ill wish to their children on earth. So the Shastra advice us a Thila Homa remedy that can give a soul peace and relieve it from the cluches of negative forces. Also this Homa helps a soul to find its way or have rebirth or is sent to the lotus feet of god.

Our expert priest service play a vital role

Amoung all types of ceremony for ancestors this Thila Home comes as a relief from our capable Priestservice who can drive away the sufferings of the dead souls through this powerful Homa chants and also can brings down good wishes, blessings for a happy, healthy and unhindered successful life from these alleviated souls.

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