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Friday, May 31, 2013

Sri Chandi Homam at Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam

Sri (Nava) Chandi Homam at 
Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam 
on 7th & 8th June
 (Bid Goodbye to the Evil)

Why Chandi Homam?
Chandi Homam is the most powerful and vigorous Homam of all Homams. Lord Chamundi/Chandi, another fierce form of Shakti evil destructor! Whatever is ill in your life—health, enemies or ill luck, she can fade away all your problems at once and for all. Ask the blessings of Goddess Shakti to lead the best life ever.

Who is Shakti?
Shakti si the consort of Lord Shiva and represents herself in many ways—right from the subtle form till the most fierce form. When the natives and devotees seek her with a divine heart and for a true purpose, she will be there for your assistance.
Benefits and Significance

Chamundeshwari, the fierce form of Shakti can invigorate positivity into your life in the strongest form. Out of all Homams, this homam requires a lot of involvement, power and truthfulness to perform this Homam. It is strongly believed that she definitely comes out of the sacred fire in the virtual form that is lighted during the Homam to bless her devotee. You can feel her vibrations for sure!

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