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Monday, July 16, 2018

Maha Garuda Homam with Honey Abhishekam

Maha Garuda Homam with Honey Abhishekam

At Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Walajapet

With the blessings of our Guruji “Kayilai Gnanaguru” Dr. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal, we are conducting Sri Garuda Homam and Honey Abishekam on Garuda Jayanthi Festival Day 15.08.2018 Wednesday in the account of Garuda Panchami by 5.00 PM at our Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Walajapet.

The Garuda Jayanti Festival (Garuda Panchami) also called as Naga Panchami that occurs on the fifth lunar day in Aadi Masam. On this day Lord Garuda is worshipped along with Nagadevatha. Devotees believe this day to be Garuda Jayanthi the day on which Garuda was born. On this day special Garuda Homam, Honey Abishekam, Archana celebrations are held at the sacred centre, Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Walajapet,Vellore District.

Said to be an embodiment of Vedas (Veda Swaroopi) Garuda is prominently eulogized in Puranas for his knowledge, strength and power. With the head and wings of an Eagle, with a strong nose and body of a human, Garuda is regarded as the King of birds (Pakshiraja). We find his reference in several Puranas.

Lord Garuda was born to Kashyapa Prajapathi and his wife Vinatha. Anoora the Rathasaarathi (charioteer) of Surya the Sun God is his brother. Serpents are his Gnathis (step brothers) born to Kadhru another wife of Sage Kashyapa and sister of Vinatha.
Garuda stands for the majestic Eagle, soaring high in the air, sharp and agile. The mighty bird, Garuda is also known by other names viz. Garuthmantha, Vynatheya, Suparna, Naagaanthaka, Pakshiraja and Vinathasutha.

Garuda is the Divine Vehicle or Vaahana (chief mount) of Lord Vishnu carrying him on his shoulders and thus Lord Vishnu is called as Garudavahana. An ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, Garuda always resides in Sri Vaikunta engaged in eternal service to Lord SriManNarayana.

Panchamukha Aanjaneya Swamy (five headed Hanuman) is depicted as having Garuda as one of the five faces facing west.

The Garuda Homam is the Yagam dedicated to Lord Garuda who is also known as Shri Garudar and Garuda Bhagwan. Lord Garuda is the vahana (vehicle) of Lord Vishnu. The Garuda (brahminy kite or eagle) is also the emblem on the flag of Lord Vishnu.

Benefits of Garuda Homam & Honey Abishekam :

We get Magnetic Powers, the power to influence. Remove poisons. Controlling the Enemies, so that they will not harm us. Dominance over Air, Water and Fire, these elements will not cause any form of danger to us. Success in Educational Pursuits. Cure all forms of Cancer and Physical and mental diseases. Remove all type of doshas and paapaas. Blessed with Brahama Vidya. Improve Knowledge and Excellent Memory. Get Oratory Skills.

Ashta Naga Garudar at Danvantri Peedam:

Garuda is the Pakshi Raja, the king of birds. Garuda is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu and also that of Lord Vaasavi Kannika Parameshwari Garuda Danvantri. He stands guard at the entrance to the main deity. The Ashta Naga Garuda has been installed at the entrance and is believed to provide relief from snake poisons, besides other poisons as well. Being a vehicle himself, Garuda is believed to protect one from accidents. Symbolically, the question to introspect on is whether the devotee has released the undermining poisons of the mind before his audience with Lord Danvantri. The Garudan here is an Ashta Naga Garudar, one with eight snakes, a smiling face and a rather fine beak.

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