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Friday, October 11, 2013

Nikumbala Homam at Danvatri Peedam on October 13, 2013

Worshipping Prathyangira Devi relieves us from all kinds of dosham, protection from accidents, enemies, diseases, wrath, curses, obstacles, black magic. She bears 8 snakes on her body. Those who have sarpa dosham or often get scary dreams involving snakes can worship Prathyangira Devi for instant relief.

With the divine blessings and guidance of Gnanaguru Dr. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal, special arrangements have been made at Danvantri Peedam, Walajapet for performance of SRI PRITHYINGARA NIKUMBALA HOMAM on Sunday, 13th October 2013, being Navartri & Durgashtami.

Sri Prathyangira Nikumbala Homam is performed by using RED CHILLIES MIXED WITH NEEM OIL for destruction of negative forces, it could be anything like Disease, Misfortune, Obstacles, rivalry or regaining of Power, removal of evil effects of enemies (Shathru Dosha / Shathru bhaya Nivarana) etc. She is worshipped to prevent major accidents and any health issues caused due to poisoning. It is believed worshipping this Goddess helps in the removal of all mental blocks, Navagraha doshas especially Saade Sathi, Sarpa Dosha, Rahu Dosha. Also for General Well Being and self Protection.

Prathyangira Devi is believed to have been born to calm Lord Narasimha swami's anger and to save the world from his wrath after he killed Demon King Hiranyakashipu.

Pranthyangira Sadhana is derived from Atharvana Veda which contains the Riks (Verses) of goddesses Prathyangira. Angirasa Maharshi is the Drasta (who gains the experience of the god in his meditation and provides us that experience in the form of Vedic Verses), so the name of the goddesses is Devi Prathyangira.

There are as many as 64 riks about Prathyangira in Atharvana Veda.

All are invited to participate in this PRITHYINGARA NIKUMBALA HOMAM and receive the blessings of the Sri Prithyingaa Devi and Swamigal for a disease & disorder free life.

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