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ஃப்ளாஷ் நியூஸ்

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chandi Homam at Danvantri Peedam on 22nd September 2013, Sunday

‘Clearing obstacles and hurdles to show you a path to success’

Performing this Homa once a year, bestows you with the power and supremacy to fulfill and accomplish success in your life span.

Chandi Homa Mantra: "Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichhe"

Durga Devi in the form of Devi Chandi  is the main diety of this Homam and her blessings are bound to clear all our obstacles and hurdles in our path to success and glory. Maa Chandi is a very powerful and fierce diety. She is the primordial energy that is responsible for the creation, maintainence and destruction of the entire universe. She is the overall total of energies of all beings of this Universe. Performance of a Maha Chandi Homam frees a person from all kind of Black Magic, Evil Eyes, Obstacles, Negative Energies, Evil deeds against him and he is blessed with a long lasting Health, Wealth and Prosperity. 

The Worship of Goddess Chandi highlights the importance of feminine energy and this is reflected in many of its spiritual worships. Goddess Shakthi is the embodiment of all the divine forces and she is the Mother of the Universe. She is the savior of her children on the earth and protects them from all the evil. The Goddess had attained various forms to kill the Asuras (Demons) who were torturing the humans and the Celestials (Devas). Devi Mahatmiyam talks about the importance of Chandiga Devi Purana in detail.

Goddess Durga is the chief deity of this Homa. Goddess Durga is available readily to bless you during the Chandi Homa. This Homa will aid you in clearing off all the obstacles and hurdles on your path to success.

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