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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Homam/Swathi Homam At Sri Danvantri Peedam, Walajapet

Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi is celebrated as Narasimha Jayanti. Lord Narasimha was the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On Narasimha Jayanti day Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Narasimha, a half lion and half man, to kill Demon Hiranyakashipu.

Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam conducting Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Homam on the occasion of Sri Narasimha Jayanthi,dated Tuesday 9th May 2017, by 10.00A.M. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Homam along with Lotus flowers, Panakam, and other special mooligai. The Swathi Homam ensures you with material wealth in abundance. All your spiritual and material benefits will be accomplished.If you are facing various difficulties from evil spirits or from enemies, caught up in legal issues then Lakshmi Narasimha homam is for you.The homam Done on Fridays or any other auspicious day based on the janma nakshatra. In this homam Sri Lakshmi Devi & Sri Narasimhar has worshipped.

To overcome debts, financial difficulties , relationship issues. Ensures you with material wealth in abundance.  He protects  from accidents, diseases and ailments. Blesses them with success, wealth, victory, prosperity and abundance. Brings peace of mind, maintains cordial relations. Eliminates jealousy, hatred, enmity and ego in their mind. Supports spiritual elevation and helps them attain salvation. Clears bad karma, Remove obstacles, Fill their lives with love and compassion and eternal bliss. Weaken planetary afflictions. Swati Nakshatra 2017 dates based on traditional Hindu calendar, Astrology and Panchangam. Swati Birth Star, also known as Swathi in South India, is the 15th Nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras. Below are Swati Nakshatra dates in 2017. The astrological prediction of the birth star Swati as per Moon Sign is that of Tula Rashi (Libra Zodiac). Venus or Shukra is the Lord of Thula. The color of Swati is black.

Swathi Nakshatra Days in 2017 as per Indian Standard Time (IST)

March 16, 2017 Thursday, April 12  Wednesday  May 9 and 10th, 2017  Tuesday and Wednesday, Narashimha Jayanthi  June 6, 2017  Tuesday, July 3, 2017 Monday, July 31, 2017 Monday, August 27, 2017  Sunday, September 23, Saturday  2017,  October 20, 2017, Friday, November 17, 2017 Friday, December 14, 2017 Thursday.

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  1. Lakshmi narashima homam is helping you keep away from enemies and blessing you with peace and happiness.This homam is also helps you to overcome from debts and financial difficulties.lakshmi narasimha swamy homam