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Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Ct:9443330203

Friday, March 3, 2017

Health- Wealth Homam (Arogya-Ishwarya) Pasupatham Homam On 14.04.2017. Friday 10.00.A.M. At Danvantri Peedam,Walajapet.Vellore Dt.

Aishwaryam means “Wealth”, Arogya means “Good health”, Special Homa to Invite Health and Ishwaryam together into your life in thisTamil New Year2017 (14.04.2017). Friday. 10.00 am.

Arogya/Health - Pashupatam:

It is essential to keep health in a good condition for overcoming potential threats in life. There are many ways which are available for improving health conditions to increase the life span of a person. Arogya/Health Pashupatam Homam ensures health throughout your lifetime.The key Point of Performing this homam is to upgrade your lifespan by wellbeing issues. This homam can make huge impact on both body and brain with positive thinking. Major Health issues like Stress can be reduced and Peace of mind can be experienced by taking part in this homam. It increases a longevity and wellbeing of a person by reducing all health Problems. This homam helps in leading a healthy life.

Wealth-Ishwarya Pashupatam Homam:

Ishwarya pashupatam homam brings wealth and prosperous life. It is rare fire ritual. Here Supreme Goddess Lakshmi bestows wealth and Lord Vishnu is the protector of life. In this homam we invite Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi to give combined blessings to make successful life. It is suitable one for ensure happiness and prosperity in larger extent. This homam helps in getting Divine Protection in all situations from supreme Powers.         This homam gives ways to achieve goals in an effective way. It ensures excess income in multiple ways.It provides ways for overcoming debts and financial difficulties.

This is the rare homam Health Ishwarya Pashupatam Homam This Year by get blessings from two divine couples Lord Shiva Goddess Parvati and Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

This ritual includes Ganapati Homam, Rare Arogya/Health and Ishwarya Pashupatam Homam, Lord Rudra Homam with Durga Suktha Homam, Ishwarya Lakshmi Narayana Japa and Homam, Sri Suktha Homam.

This homam brings a bright life ahead with good health without any health hazards and prosperity to lead a wealthy life.

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