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Friday, March 3, 2017

Sri Anjaneyar homam on Punarpoosam Nakshathram 4th April 2017, By 10.00.A.M. At Danvantri Peedam, Walajapet

Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam conducting Sri Anjaneyar homam on Punarpoosam Nakshathram dated on 04th April 2017.Sri Anjaneyar is the son of Vayu Bhagawan (the wind god) who is known for his tremendous powers. He is also considered as the divine incarnation of God Shiva. The people who worship Hanuman and offer prayers to him can achieve goals in their life by removing obstacles. Sri Anjaneyar homam leads to several benefits to live a happy and prosperous life. This homam includes chanting of powerful mantras along with fire rituals to gain major prospects in life.

Lord Anjaneyar is the destroyer of enemies and evil forces. Sri Anjaneyar homam plays a key role in ensuring protection by eliminating potential threats and risks. This homam provides methods for achieving success in all endeavors to obtain optimum results.Sri Anjaneyar homam is a suitable one for improving relationships with spouse to avoid conflicts and disputes.
Furthermore, it is possible to remove all types of hindrances in life with this homam by meeting exact requirements.

The Anjaneyar Homam benefits, suitable one for getting peace of mind from perils and other problems in an effective manner. Moreover, it makes feasible ways for improving courage, knowledge and intellectual levels to a larger extent. Anyone who wants to clear doshas, negative forces and wrong combination of planets in a horoscope can perform this homam to live a problem less life. It also helps to earn fame and reputation within short period of time.
Here is the list of best days and nakshatrams for Hanuman Pooja in each month.

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