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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Koti Japa Maha Danvantri Homam

From 19th July to 28th October 2018

Koti Japa Maha Danvantri Homam

At Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Walajapet.

(Now Just 82 Days Left....)

With the blessings of our Guruji “Kayilai Gnanaguru” Dr. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal, we are conducting Koti Japa Maha Danvantri Homam from 19th July to 28th October 2018 for 100 Days. The Maha Yagam completed 18 days and just 82 days left. Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam in Walajapet, a temple dedicated to Danvantri Bhagwan, the God of Medicine. The Peedam, set up in the memory of our Guruji Sri Muralidhara Swamigal’s parents to rid the world of diseases, is also home to 75 Parivara Devatas. The temple sees non-stop homams day in and day out for individual health and prosperity, and for global peace and well-being.

Sarva Runa, Roga, Nivarana Yagnam with Sakala Aiswarya Homam :

In line with such activities, a mega japa yagna is performing in the Peedam from 19th July to 28th October 2018 for 100 Days. This Yagna is called as ‘Arogya Aiswarya Praapthi Koti Japa Yagnam’, it would serve as a ‘Sarva Runa, Roga, Vimochana Yagam, and Sakala Aiswarya Homam’. It is being performed for relief from debt, bad health and trouble from enemies.

About Homam :

According to Vedic Scriptures, Havan or Homam are sacred fire rituals and ceremonies. Homam is also referred by other names that are Yajna, Yagna, Yagam, Fire Rituals and Homa. The prime purpose of performing sanctified fire ceremonies is to invoke certain Gods and Goddesses. It is fundamental to perform rites and sacraments according to procedures and guidelines provided in Vedic texts. Herbals, Samagri or list of ingredients for homam usually comprises of various herbs along with ghee, sugar, and other items. Yagna Kundam is the place where the sacrificial fire will be lit. It is important to use the appropriate type of wood in the homam kundam.

Conducting Homam is necessary for removing ill-effects of celestial bodies on your horoscope. It also helps in alleviating Karmic issues. In case if you or your loved one is suffering from ailments or illnesses then participating in Dhanvantri Homam will be beneficial. This homam is immensely useful for treating and curing severe illnesses and diseases. It helps in restoring health and provides you with a happy, healthy and long life.

Significance of Dhanvantri Homam – Roga Nivarana Homam :

Lord Danvantri is notable as the personification and twelfth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is renowned as the Lord of Ayurvedic medicine and is also known as the Physician of Gods. The Murthy or idol of Sri Dhanvantri is made in the image of Lord Vishnu. Lord Dhanvantri has four hands that hold restorative herbs, a Shank, a pot full of reviving remedy or ambrosia and a Chakra. The pot comprises of Amrit, which is known to be the nectar of eternality. In the historical text of Bhagavata Purana, it is written that Sri Dhanvantri appeared from the Ocean of Milk. He is said to have emerged with a pot, filled with nectar.

Dhanvantri made his appearance during the Samudra or Sagar Manthan, which is an integral episode in Hinduism. During the Sagar Manthan, the ocean was witness to immense upheaval and churning by the  Devas and Asuras. The Asuras snatched the pot of nectar from Dhanvantri. After this event, the beautiful avatar of Mohini appeared and took the nectar back from the demons. Meanwhile, various herbs were thrown in the ocean that led to the formation of fourteen jewels or fortunes. It is said that Dhanvantri and Amrita or Amrit are an amalgamation of two jewels.

We perform Dhanvantari homam, Sakala Aishwarya Koti Japa Homam in your name and with your specific desire for good health and wealth for you and your family members.

In this pooja, Lord Dhanavantari is prayed and shodasopacharas are done. It is followed by the recitation of  purusha suktam and sahasranamavali. Lord Dhanavantari’s moola mantra japam is done.

Benefits of Dhanvantari Homam (God of Medicine) :

It is considered to be the most powerful remedy for all health related problems. This Yagam will help you lead a disease free life. It  helps you in getting relief from illness and chronic pain and Improves vitality and helps to avoid untimely death. It is helpful to lead a very happy and peaceful life and is exceptionally advantageous for good well-being as it demolishes the negative particles in the encompassing and brings the positive energy and brings great well-being to the admirer. This homam helps in getting rid of physical, mental problems or any psychological problems and helps in getting relief from any disease which is incurable. Performing this yagam twice in a year homam helps an individual to have long and very healthy life.

Come and join the above yagna with your family and get the blessing of Lord Danvantri along with Sri Muralidhara Swamigal and live a healthy and wealthy life.

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