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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Indian God of Medicine - God Dhanvantri!

He Indian God of Medicine- God Dhanvantri.... Our first visit to this place happened on 15th June 2013. It was a sudden plan on Friday evening when we decided to visit this place. This temple is located in Walajapet about 150 kms away from Chennai city.

The temple is open between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening...It is said that this God does 12 hours of non-stop consultation.....One gets a peaceful darshan of this Lord who is spread across a 3 acre of land..we were lucky enough to get a special darshan of this Lord as I know the Founder of this temple-Murali maama, the man behind this temple.

This perumal is said to remove all kinds of ailments-physical/mental , black magic, kandrushti and all the related. His consort-Arogya Lakshmi(9th Lakshmi) is a lady doctor too and does her duty in curing patients too..Just look around and there are havans of various kinds performed in this temple all 365 days.....Thats the speciality of this temple...
As one enters the temple they get to see the huge Mahisasura Mardhini Statue.Apart from Dhanvantri Perumal and Arogya Lakshmi Thayar one gets to see Vinayagar,Lakshmi Narasimhar,Rama-Sita, Hayagriva-Mahalakshmi, Ranganathar, Krishnar, Gayathri Devi, Raghvendra Swamy, Shirdi Sai Baba,468 Lingam, Sanjeevi Hanuman and a lot more.

If one gets a chance to visit this place ...please do so as the temple is said to have miracles to offer.
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