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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sri Gayathri Homam...

Sri Gayathri Homam

With the blessings of our guruji, the Founder and Peedathipathi of Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, “Kayilai Gnanaguru” Dr. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal, we are conducting Sri Gayathri Homam on 12.07.2018 Thursday by 10.00 AM at Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Walajapet, Vellore District.

Gayathri Devi is the mother of all the vedas. Gayatri pervades everywhere. Gayathri consists of three deities, Gayathri, Savithri, and Saraswathi. Of these, the first one is master of the sense, the second is the teacher of truth, and the third is the master of speech. Hence it is a Trinity of the senses, the mind, and speech. She is the Param Sakthi (i.e., the sustaining Force that animates all life), the universal mother and the power of god manifestation. She is depicted as sitting on a lotus with the five faces (hence called the Punchamukhi) representing the panca pranas (five basic energy or life forms) and the panca tatwas (five elements) and the ten hands holding the various ayudas (weapons).

Gayathri Mantra is a sacred mantra comprising of praise, meditation, and prayer. First the Divine is praised, then It is meditated upon in reverence, and finally an appeal is made to the Divine to awaken and strengthen the intellect, the discriminating faculty of man. Gayathri is a Mantra devi, the manifestation of all the beeja mantras (i.e., is the shortest form of a Mantra just like a beej (seed) which when sown grows into a tree). Similarly beeja mantras of different Gods, when recited together give humans lot of positive energy and blessings of all the Gods. They are the vibrations, and represent the “call” of the soul. The presiding deities of the Gayatri mantra are Gayathri, Savithri and Saraswathi.

Gayathri Havan is an intensive way chanting Gayathri mantra and initiates one to form a close bond with Gayathri by creating a conscious flow of subtle energy within one’s body. This will empower various aspects of one’s personality - intelligence, beauty, speech, health, etc - which will naturally reflect in one’s actions and growth.

Gayathri Homa assists to ward off all misery, protect one from harm, bestow one with an incomparable inner strength which can only be experienced and cannot be explained, illuminate one’s intellect and gain of peace of mind. Besides, the effect of bad karma is also reduced and good karma facilitated.

It should be noted that apart from the personal benefit you gain, when one chants Gayathri, one’s family and everybody else also gain.

Gayathri is the spirit behind the slogan of Sanatana Dharma “LokaSamastha Sukhino Bhavantu” meaning let the all the people of this world be happy.

People who want to know the yagna time contact the following phone number. Those who want to participate in the Yagam, can do offerings like herbals, Pure Ghee, Abhisheka things, Purnahuthi Materials, Annadhana Materials, Fruits, Flowers, etc as your wish. This information is given by Danvantri Family.

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