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ஃப்ளாஷ் நியூஸ்

Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Ct:9443330203

Friday, August 5, 2016

Ashta-Bairavar Sakitha Kala Bhairavar Homam . On 25 th August 2016,Thursday.6.00pm.At Danvantri Peedam,walajapet,vellore Dist.

Sri Lord Kalabairavar, the manifestation of Lord Shiva is the chief deity of this powerful Homa.He is decorated with serpents all around his body and his divine vehicle is the dog. On pleasing this deity, we will be powered with the habit of punctuality. On worshipping this deity, one gets blessed with efficient time management skills as he is the Lord of Time.

PURPOSE & BENEFITS : On performing this homa , it blesses us with time management skills, guards us against accidents and other unforeseen events, brings us positive energy and success, relieves us from debts and improves our financial status and liberates our negative Karma. It revitalizes the lives of people who crave for a debt-free life, professionals who aim for multitasking abilities, people who desire to establish their financial status, people who want to get rid of their negative karma and people who want to overcome debts. He will rescue us from unfortunate events in life. On performing the Kala Bhairava Homa, we will be blessed with the capacity to work ahead of user time schedules.


“Om Kaalakaalaaya Vidhmahey Kaalaatheethaaya dheemahi Tanno Kaala Bhairava: Prachodhayaath

Why Kalabhairava homam

Time and tide wait for none goes the saying. Controlling time and maintain punctuality is a lacking birth quality for many. Kala Bhairava blesses you with the power of controlling the factor called time and incidents that take place in your life.Kala Bhairava also called the keeper of time is the lord who controls the time and incidents that take place in the human's life. The divine Kala Bhairava stands for Kala the time period and Bhairava, the keeper of time.


You will attain the sheer power to control the time and the incidents that take place in your life with the blessings of Kala Bhairava. He blesses you with the divine power of predicting things that are to happen and to avoid mishaps by controlling time!

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