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Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Ct:9443330203

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sahasra Chandi Yagna.

Sahasra Chandi Yagna at Sri Danvantri Peedam.

We are planning to conduct a grand Sahasra Chandi Yagna in Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam,  Walajapet, Vellore Dt. from July 26th to July 30th 2017 with the blessings of our Guru and God, Sri Danvantri. This is being performed to celebrate the Adi Friday and Adi Pooram with Ragu Kethu Peyarchi 2017-2019. Founder Sri Muralidhara Swamigal  Organizing and conducting several type of Homams all over the world and the Peedam dedicates this Sahasra Chandi Yagna to his lotus feet.

The Sahasra Chandi Yagna entails a cumulative chanting of 1000 times of Sri Devi Mahatmyam and the performance of 100 Chandi Homams. We will be performing 100 Chandi Homams from July 26rd to 30th at Sri Danvantri Peedam. We will be truly honoured if you can join us for the Chandi Parayanam online/in person and participate in the Homams.

It is said that even to witness a Chandi homam, one needs to have done great deeds in the present and past births. Tantras say “Kalau Chandi Vinayakau,” meaning that Goddess Chandi (Maa Durga) in Kaliyuga provides immediate benefit to mankind.  Devi herself explains in the 4th and 12th chapters of Devi Mahatmyam all the benefits obtained by performing the  Chandi parayanam and homam. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal always used to say that when Devi Mahatmyam is chanted with devotion and proper pronunciation or listened with bhakthi, Goddess Durga bestows all Her blessings to us to gain both material comforts and spiritual progress.
Sri Muralidhara Swamigal has performed more than 400 Chandi Homams and five Sahasra Chandi Homams. Along with him will be his Veda Pandits  who are both considered as great authorities on Sri Vidya and Tantra Shastra.

We seek your participation in this event by your presence as a devotee, as a volunteer and/or as a Ritwik participating in the Parayanam and the Chandi Homam.

With pranams at the lotus feet of our Guru,

Sri Muralidhara Swamigal.

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